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"This guy rocks!!!"

- Vince Neil, lead vocalist of heavy metal band Mötley Crüe.

"Simply amazing! Carl Michael blew away all of our VIP and celebrity guests at the Unity for Vets Concert starring Bret Michaels. People could not stop talking about him! We are definitely going to have him come back and do a full stage performance at our next concert event."
- Jesse Canella, CEO & Co-Founder,

"I am totally freaked out! Unbelievable!"
- Cuba Gooding Jr., Oscar Winning Actor

"Carl was simply amazing ! An incredible talent, maybe even the next COPPERFIELD"
- Keith Dailey, Marketing Manager, Sheraton Resorts

"Carl Michael's Magic is ILL"
- Ja Rule, Rapper

"Carl Michael is more than just an accomplished magician, he's intelligent and thoughtful, two admirable qualities that shine both on stage and off. You can't help liking Carl, and that's his greatest strength."
- Mr. Gene Anderson, Magic Legend

"You are going to be hearing about this young magician very soon. He has the talent and the drive to become something in this business. Not only a great magician but an even better
person "
- Mr. Andrell Henry, Magic Legend , Former President of Hollywood IBM

"I was blown away! I've seen many magic shows, but never has one made me stand to my feet at the end like Carl Michael's. Our town was talking about him for days"
- Timothy Anderson, Director of Tourism , City of Joplin , Missouri